Welcome Water and Wastewater Professionals!

The Water and Wastewater Courses for 2015  have

been developed to focus on emerging issues that that

make operations and maintenance more challenging than ever.

  • Climate Change - Heavy Rain Events  

  • Aging infrastructure

  • Pharmaceuticals in Water and Wastewater

  • Drought - Pandemic Threats - Smaller Budgets

  • Generation of Water and Wastewater Operators Retiring

  •  Lack of New Water and Wastewater Operators 

NEW!   Small Water Storage Tank Cleaning and inspections - Special Pricing 

10,000 Gallon and under -Inspection and Report -Cleaning

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Leak Detection - Complete Comprehensive Leak detection Survey - Emergencies

Plan your Professional Development Courses for the whole year.

The Training Calendar has all Classroom Courses Through December 2015!!

Water Certification Exam Preparation Courses 

 Instructor Paula Jackson teaches the concepts that will be used in the Treatment Plant and allow

students to process through exam questions sucessfully.

NEW!  Wastewater Certification Exam Short School

Wastewater Math


New!  Let Earth Water Specialists become part of your team and take care of the things you dont have time for:

Sanitary Survey Deficiencies - We can make all the corrections on the sanitary survey letter and get you back into compliance -  Repair of water system components - NOAV's - Water Storage Tank cleaning and inspections - Operation and Maintenance Manuals - Source Protection Plan Updates - Chlorine system cleaning - Well inspection - Well static and pumping levels - Leak Detection - Water Audits - Valve Locations and Tie maps - Locate leaks so you can tighten up your water system.

Level 2 Assessments After a Total Coliform Hit

 Vermont 2015 Training Calendar

  New Hampshire 2015 Training Calendar



Upcoming Classes Vermont and New Hampshire 

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October 22, 2015AM    Springfield, Vermont   4 Hour Safety reminder        4 Hours $100

October 22, 2015  Springfield, Vermont - Ladder- Electric Safety- Bloodborne Pathogens    2 Hours  $50

November 17, 2015  Lyndonville, Vermont   Permit Required Confined Space Entry    3 Hours   $75

November 17, 2015  Lyndonville, Vermont   Trench and Excavation Safety    3 Hours   $75

November 19, 2015   Springfield, Vermont   Permit Required Confined Space Entry  3 Hours   $75

November 19, 2015   Springfield, Vermont  Trench and Excavation Safety   3 Hours  $75



New Hampshire

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New Hampshire Water Distribution ABC Exam Preparation - Short School

October 16,20,21 2015      21 Hours    Cost $350

November 4, 2015    Exeter, New Hampshire    Maintaining Water Quality in the Distribution System 

6 Hours Cost $150

November 5, 2015   Lebanon, New Hampshire    Chlorine Disinfection Chemistry   4 Hours  Cost $100

November 5, 2015  Lebanon, New Hampshire    O&M Of Chlorination Equipment   2 Hours  Cost $50

November 6, 2015  Gorham, New Hampshire   4 Hour Safety Reminder   4 Hours    Cost $100

November 6, 2015  Gorham, New Hampshire   Ladder- Electrical and Bloodborne Pathogens  2 Hours  $50

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Onsite Safety -Water -Wastewater Training Available 


Take the Class 2 exam 2 days after class ends

Vermont Class 2 Water Exam Preparation   November 2,3,4 2015  -    November 6 is the Water Operator Exam

Montpelier Comfort Inn   -  21 hours  - 8:00AM - 4:00PM   Cost $350   +Text Book $50

Certification Exam Preparation

Water Operator Certification

 Class 2 Water Certification Exam Preparation

21 TCH's $350 + Text Book fee $60

 November 2,3,4 2015  Montpelier, Vermont     





Wastewater Certification

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Some of the Services we offer:

Training: Onsite & Classroom

We offer Classroom and On-Site Certification renewal Training.

Certification Exam preperation

Earth Water Specialists will have you well prepared for your certification exams.

Resources and Links

We have a collection of links and resources for Operators and Entry-Level proffesionals.

Technical Assistance

We offer on-site technical assistance and diagnostics for water facilities .